Beautiful Winter Frost

You may remember that absolutely gorgeous winter frost we had earlier this winter … you know, that one that wiped out power to most of the province…  Anyway, although it was pesky it was a photographer’s dream, and I was so lucky to have a request for family photos right at the same time. Not only that but this family had a really beautiful theme in mind with pine trees and a lot of open landscape and a wonderfully coordinated wardrobe to boot. I was very happy to oblige!


A New Genre of Photography

Those of you who know me will know that my husband and his friend have recently opened up a brand new plumbing company, Family Plumbing and Heating. (If you are need of a plumber check them out – best plumbers in Regina if I do say so myself!).

Anyway it’s landed me in the position of taking a lot of photos that I wouldn’t normally take. I have never before dabbled in plumbing photography (a new genre lol!). But I’ve actually had a lot of fun with it and just for fun thought I’d share a few plumbing photos. It’s a big change of pace from adorable babies to pipes and tools but it’s always fun to change it up. If you want to see more plumbing photography be sure to check out the Family Plumbing and Heating Website.


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Flower Shop

This was another great fall session. I finally invested in studio lights this year and I am already so glad. This was a great example. We did these photos in October. And this year in October we did have some nice days for photos (see my post An Engagement and a Puppy), but we also had some pretty cold and dreary days, and they day we did these photos was one of them. I was very glad especially with a three year old that I had the option of indoor portraits. And I was able to do the little flower girl theme which is always a favourite.

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Christmas Jammies and Fireplace

I posted last week about our Christmas baking minis, but I’ve also had lots of questions about our other set-up – the Christmas jammies option (which will be November 10/18). I’ve also had some questions about the family photo set-up. I wanted to do another post with some photos from those sets to give you an idea of them. The Christmas Jammies are pretty straightforward and simple – white on white background with some adorable little ones in their Christmas jammies – a classic! The fireplace will be the backdrop for the family photo (if you want one). I did some sample images here, but we are waiting for the season of beautiful natural evergreen branches to decorate the fireplace with along with some twinkling lights. We are so looking forward to seeing all our mini session families. We do still have a few spots left so if you are interested please don’t hesitate to book. And if you are wondering about our Christmas baking theme (November 11/18) be sure to check out my last blog!

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Gorgeous Summer Evening

This summer seems to be fading away too soon, but I am happy to say I was able to take advantage of it with some lovely summer portraits. There is nothing like capturing that summer light. This family was so well-dressed too! I absolutely loved how they all “went together” without matching perfectly. And those light airy pastels are a perfect match for all that greenery around them. I couldn’t have enjoyed this session more!



Summer light

I photographed this little family at the start of June. I can’t believe that was two months ago already! They agreed to meet late in the evening even though it meant staying up a little bit late for these kiddos. But I think it was worth it, we had some absolutely gorgeous light that night!



Cake Smash!

My youngest turned one recently so of course we had to do a cake smash. I was lucky to have two little helpers to help get her smiling and to help me make the cake (which basically means they repeatedly tasted the batter and the icing ha ha).

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A visit to Speedy Creek

I had the pleasure of visiting Swift Current on May long and the weather was absolutely beautiful. We were also able to celebrate my niece’s third birthday, and I did some photos of her and her new sister which has become something of a yearly tradition. We had an absolutely gorgeous hazy summery evening and I was able to spend some extra time with my nieces too! It was so much fun to scout around Swift Current and find some locations for our photos.


5 Tips for Capturing those precious baby expressions


I was so pleased to see this little girly again for her four month photos. She is so cute, and she made the absolute cutest expressions throughout the session. You might remember back in my post about The Four Month Milestone for Baby’s First Year I said that one of the many reasons I love the four month milestone is that I love to capture those amazing baby expressions. This is a developmental state that we all love and it so much fun to document it for parents and let them treasure those little expressions forever.

But what (you might be wondering) do I do when the photographer is not there and baby makes a new expression for the first time? How do I take a decent cell phone pic that isn’t all blurry? Here are a few tips for getting the best out of those cell phone cameras to capture those moments that happen in between milestone sessions!

  1. Lighting. It’s basically everything that matters when it comes to photography. Try to place baby as close to a window as possible (not an artificial light but a window). Try to pick your brightest window in the home, but if you can see sunspots on the floor or the bed where baby is going to go then move baby just outside of the sun spot.
  2. Lighting again. I told you! It’s everything! Place baby so that the light is shining onto the top of their head or the side of their face, or even better on an angle somewhere in between. But never with the light shining up their nose you will have a scary flashlight-on-the-face-telling-ghost-stories-at-a-campfire look.
  3. Turn your flash off. It’s not flattering for baby photos, and if you have a good light source you won’t need it to prevent a blurry photo.
  4. Your position. Stand so that you are looking down at baby. This will help him or her get those expressions going as they interact with you. It will also position you so that when you are ready to take your picture you can hold the phone directly over top of his or her face. This is the best angle for taking pictures of those little expressions.
  5. Snap away! Take a whole bunch of photos and see what you end up with. With all the excitement of mom or dad standing over baby with their phone and making silly noises baby is bound to make a bunch of great expressions and you are going to capture a few good ones if you snap away for a minute or two until baby moves on to the next distraction.

Happy snapping! And you haven’t already heard about the Baby’s First Year program go check it out on the website. It is such a great way to make sure to document all those milestones in a beautiful way and to have a gorgeous album at the end so that you can look back on all those special moments for many years to come.

See a peek of a few more adorable shots of this little one below.


Photographing Newborns and their Toddler Siblings

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful family earlier this winter. This little guy had a very excited two year old sister who was very happy to be in some photos with her baby brother. I often get questions and concerns from parents about what to expect when photographing a newborn baby with a busy toddler (who are not always as excited about photos as this big sister was!).

I can completely understand why parents get nervous about this but it is actually surprisingly easy. The key is some go-to poses that I like to use for little ones that are safe for the newborn and easy for the toddler to participate in. There are a few other things that help as well. One is that we try our best to find a time that will work well for the toddler (usually morning after they have had time for their breakfast and but well before the nap-time grumpies hit). I also always do family and sibling photos first while we still have the toddler’s attention. After that the parents are free to relax with their toddler and can go about their regular routine while I am busy photographing baby. That is probably one of my favourite parts about photographing in the client’s home – the family might get a tiny bit of a break after a couple weeks of newborn chaos!

And what can parents do to help prepare their toddler? Remember to try and have big brother or sister rested and well-fed prior to the photos. We all know how hangry a toddler can get!  And most importantly just relax and enjoy the photos! If the sibling looks around and sees that everyone else is relaxed and enjoying the experience then they usually join in.

And that’s it! With some well-thought-out poses and the hangry side of your toddler at bay, your sibling photos will almost certainly be a success!