The name Small and Mighty represents what I hope to capture and provide to you and your family. The “small” of course represents those small little toes and hands and those big eyes in those small little faces. All those physical characteristics that change so quickly and the ones that you never want to forget. How small they look in their parents’ hands, or next to their big brother or sister.

But my favorite part is helping you remember the “mighty”. Those mighty strong feelings you have the first time you see your baby, and the mighty emotions that come during those first few life changing weeks. Those mighty big personalities that show up early on and just continue to grow over time.

I want to help you capture the “small” and the “mighty” before these days slip by – we know all too well how quickly the time goes especially once a little one comes along! And I hope we can continue to work together as your child grows and changes to continue to capture those little people and their big personalities.

My name is Carissa and I am the lady behind the camera here at Small and Mighty. I am very passionate about photography. I am also the mom of three little ones myself so I have lots and lots of practice with photographing little ones who are less than enthusiastic about a photo session. I want to help you feel relaxed and to make the experience fun and easy for you and your whole family.

I would absolutely love to talk with you more and answer any questions you might have! Please don’t hesitate to contact me.