5 Tips for Capturing those precious baby expressions


I was so pleased to see this little girly again for her four month photos. She is so cute, and she made the absolute cutest expressions throughout the session. You might remember back in my post about The Four Month Milestone for Baby’s First Year I said that one of the many reasons I love the four month milestone is that I love to capture those amazing baby expressions. This is a developmental state that we all love and it so much fun to document it for parents and let them treasure those little expressions forever.

But what (you might be wondering) do I do when the photographer is not there and baby makes a new expression for the first time? How do I take a decent cell phone pic that isn’t all blurry? Here are a few tips for getting the best out of those cell phone cameras to capture those moments that happen in between milestone sessions!

  1. Lighting. It’s basically everything that matters when it comes to photography. Try to place baby as close to a window as possible (not an artificial light but a window). Try to pick your brightest window in the home, but if you can see sunspots on the floor or the bed where baby is going to go then move baby just outside of the sun spot.
  2. Lighting again. I told you! It’s everything! Place baby so that the light is shining onto the top of their head or the side of their face, or even better on an angle somewhere in between. But never with the light shining up their nose you will have a scary flashlight-on-the-face-telling-ghost-stories-at-a-campfire look.
  3. Turn your flash off. It’s not flattering for baby photos, and if you have a good light source you won’t need it to prevent a blurry photo.
  4. Your position. Stand so that you are looking down at baby. This will help him or her get those expressions going as they interact with you. It will also position you so that when you are ready to take your picture you can hold the phone directly over top of his or her face. This is the best angle for taking pictures of those little expressions.
  5. Snap away! Take a whole bunch of photos and see what you end up with. With all the excitement of mom or dad standing over baby with their phone and making silly noises baby is bound to make a bunch of great expressions and you are going to capture a few good ones if you snap away for a minute or two until baby moves on to the next distraction.

Happy snapping! And you haven’t already heard about the Baby’s First Year program go check it out on the website. It is such a great way to make sure to document all those milestones in a beautiful way and to have a gorgeous album at the end so that you can look back on all those special moments for many years to come.

See a peek of a few more adorable shots of this little one below.

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