Photographing Newborns and their Toddler Siblings

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful family earlier this winter. This little guy had a very excited two year old sister who was very happy to be in some photos with her baby brother. I often get questions and concerns from parents about what to expect when photographing a newborn baby with a busy toddler (who are not always as excited about photos as this big sister was!).

I can completely understand why parents get nervous about this but it is actually surprisingly easy. The key is some go-to poses that I like to use for little ones that are safe for the newborn and easy for the toddler to participate in. There are a few other things that help as well. One is that we try our best to find a time that will work well for the toddler (usually morning after they have had time for their breakfast and but well before the nap-time grumpies hit). I also always do family and sibling photos first while we still have the toddler’s attention. After that the parents are free to relax with their toddler and can go about their regular routine while I am busy photographing baby. That is probably one of my favourite parts about photographing in the client’s home – the family might get a tiny bit of a break after a couple weeks of newborn chaos!

And what can parents do to help prepare their toddler? Remember to try and have big brother or sister rested and well-fed prior to the photos. We all know how hangry a toddler can get!  And most importantly just relax and enjoy the photos! If the sibling looks around and sees that everyone else is relaxed and enjoying the experience then they usually join in.

And that’s it! With some well-thought-out poses and the hangry side of your toddler at bay, your sibling photos will almost certainly be a success!

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