The Nine Month Milestone for Baby’s First Year

You may have noticed that I like to do my baby’s first year milestone sessions at four months, nine months, and one year. I have already blogged about why I love the four month session; see it here The Four Month Milestone for Baby’s First YearToday I am going to explain why I have selected nine months as the next milestone.

At nine months we have a baby who is a solid sitter. We can capture some of those hilarious facial expressions while they are sitting up. They are usually crawling or trying to craw at this age and we can capture those memories of the cute little ways they had of getting around. If mom or dad are involved we can get some photos of baby standing by holding mom or dad’s hands. I love the proud look on their little faces when they show off their standing up skills. They are pretty much always moving, exploring, and expressing themselves and it is absolutely perfect for some adorable photos.

I have found in the past that sometimes at the six month session baby is not quite solidly sitting, so we can struggle with getting those sitting photos. They aren’t usually crawling yet so we miss that stage too if we don’t see baby again until he or she is a year old. But I find that with the four month milestone session and then the nine month session we can capture two very distinctive stages of development in that first year.

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