The Four Month Milestone for Baby’s First Year

If you’ve checked out my website you’ve probably read about one of my very favorite things to photograph – baby’s first year. I just love watching babies grow and change. As a mom  I know how fast that year goes by and how hard it can sometimes be to keep up with all the things we had planned (I’m only going to feed homemade baby food, I’m definitely going to teach baby sign language, I’m going to put together the perfect baby book, I’m going to take take monthly photos – the list goes on and on!). I think we all soon realize that we have to pick our priorities and some of these plans fall by the wayside! I feel very good about being able to make sure that those milestones in a baby’s first year are documented beautifully.  I am happy that the whole family can be in the photos if they so choose, and it is so wonderful to be able to present a photo album at the end of the year with all these memories put together. And it takes one thing off of a busy parent’s to-do list!

But you might be wondering why I chose the particular milestones that I did (newborn, four months, nine months, and one year). I think we can all understand why newborn photos are on my list. It is such a special time when a brand new baby joins a family and there is nothing quite like all those squishy sleepy newborn photos and the memories of those first few weeks.

But why four months? I chose four months as my next stop on the milestone train because I think it is a good time to show off that next stage of development. The baby is no longer a newborn infant, but is now wide awake and full of personality! I like that by four months baby is usually very confidently holding up his or her own head (if we go with photos at three months not every baby is ready to do that yet). We can capture some adorable facial expressions that show off baby’s personality, we can get some photos of baby laying on his or her stomach and showing off his or her new skills holding up his or her head and likely pushing up onto elbows, and we can usually catch some of baby laying on his or her back and trying to reach his or her little toes. It is also very fun to try and capture some of baby interacting with his or her siblings or parents as they are now at a stage where they are very interested and involved in the world around them.

Essentially, I think that four months is a great time to illustrate the next stage in development, and I think sometimes at three months we miss a few of these new skills if the baby is not quite ready yet. I have some photos of my very own little guinea pig at four months to show you what I mean. I will be sure to share again when we reach the nine month milestone!

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